Hello and warm welcome. I am a Tantra masseuse based in Berlin but my love for exploration often takes me on journeys around the world. My purpose is to guide you in your exploration of sensuality and self ✨

Apologies for any missing text as I am rebuilding my website right now. However, I am excited to share my new offerings: Tantric Exploration and Tantric Connection 💫 Please note that, as they are in a testing phase, they might be temporary. Enjoy 🩷


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About Me

People who know me often describe me as genuinely warm. I create a calm atmosphere where conversations flow effortlessly, making others feel safe and seen. I can also be a bit cheeky and playful at times.

My Tantra journey began in 2020 when I did my first Tantra Massage Training in Berlin. Since then I've been sharing the benefits of Tantra through my sessions and continuously educating myself.

With a background in bodywork and yoga, I bring a holistic approach to each session. I honour everybody’s uniqueness, and I often incorporate different massage and breathwork techniques. My biggest guide is intuition; I remain open, allowing the present moment to lead our experience.



Tantra Massage (2020) ⭐︎ Tantric Embodiment Teacher Training I (2023)


Sports and Regeneration Massage (2019) ⭐︎ Oil and Aromatherapy Massage (2022) ⭐︎ Thai Massage I + II (2022)


Reiki I (2022)



age: mid 20s ⭐︎ eye-color: green ⭐︎ height: 169 cm ⭐︎ tattoos: few little


English ⭐︎ Czech ⭐︎ German (intermediate)


diet: vegetarian ⭐︎ drink: sparkling water, herbal tea ⭐︎ wine: white, rosé ⭐︎ cocktail: sours, sweet, fruity


art ⭐︎ design ⭐︎ yoga ⭐︎ meditation ⭐︎ discovering new countries ⭐︎ hiking ⭐︎ swimming ⭐︎ skiing

Experience Tantra

Introduction coming soon

Tantra Massage

The Tantra Massage session typically begins with breathwork to ground yourself in the present moment and with eye gazing to establish a connection with each other. This is followed by a soft full-body oil massage, involving the laying of hands on various body parts, applying warm oil with gentle strokes, holding hands, synchronizing breath, and occasionally incorporating body contact. While the recipient of the massage is usually in a passive position, a bit of consensual mutual touch can be allowed in a safe and respectful environment. Toward the end of the session comes Lingam or Yoni Massage, an intimate massage that can release physical and emotional tensions, promote relaxation, and facilitate the flow of sexual energy throughout the body. The session concludes with a moment of stillness, during which you can completely let go and surrender to a present moment.

1.5 hrs ~ 300 EUR

2 hrs ~ 400 EUR

2.5 hrs ~ 500 EUR

3 hrs ~ 600 EUR

Double Tantra Massage

Double Tantra Massage is an ideal choice for those seeking an intensified sensual experience. Close your eyes and enjoy being cared for by two skilled masseuses, immersing yourself in the soothing touch of four hands on your body.

In Berlin, this experience is available with my trusted friends. Details about them are available upon request. For those outside of Berlin, feel free to ask me about additional providers. In that case rates might vary based on an offering of the second masseuse.

1.5 hrs ~ 600 EUR

2 hrs ~ 800 EUR

Tantric Exploration

This experience goes beyond a traditional session and allows us to connect on a deeper level through mutual touch and shared energy. During our session, we take turns massaging each other and explore concepts such as consent, pleasure, and connection. This offering doesn’t follow a strict scenario but is rather an open invitation to connect and explore whatever lies within us.

1.5 hrs ~ 800 EUR

2 hrs ~ 1000 EUR

2.5 hrs ~ 1200 EUR

3 hrs ~ 1400 EUR

Tantric Connection

This offering combines the intimacy of Tantric practices with quality time spent together, whether sharing a meal, enjoying coffee, or engaging in other social activities. It’s an opportunity to deepen our connection not only through touch but also through meaningful conversation and shared experiences.

if we’re in different locations, I am ready to travel to you. In that case, please note that you’ll be responsible for additional costs such as transport, hotels, and dining. If an overnight stay is planned, I would like to have my own room.

4 hrs ~ 1600 EUR

6 hrs ~ 2000 EUR

up to 12 hrs ~ 3000 EUR

up to 24 hrs ~ 4000 EUR


If you would like to meet me, please fill out the contact form. I encourage booking in advance; same-day bookings are less likely to be accommodated as I usually have a busy schedule, and I need to prepare for our meeting.

Contact Form


In order to secure your appointment, a deposit of 20% is kindly requested prior to our meeting. Once the deposit is received, our appointment will be confirmed.

Deposit options:

  • PayPal: @xosophieberlin
  • Wise
  • Prezz
  • Crypto
  • A gift card of my choice


For our meeting, the donation with a deducted deposit is done upon arrival and can be discreetly given in an envelope or made through PayPal.


Screening is an essential practice to ensure my safety and create a secure, respectful environment. It plays a crucial role in reducing the risk of potentially harmful interactions. To proceed with our meeting, I will kindly request one of the following screening options:

1. A URL to your LinkedIn or a social network profile with 200+ connections.

2. A link to your professional website.

3. A reference from a provider you've seen within the last year (please ensure you have the provider's consent before providing their name and website).

4. A photo of your ID, driver's license, or international passport (your photo and full name must be visible, sensitive information could be covered).

The information you provide is solely for screening purposes and will be held confidentially. Our correspondence and personal information will be deleted upon your request right after our meeting.


I understand that life can be unpredictable. I value your time as well as mine, and I aim to create a respectful and accommodating environment. Please review my cancellation policy below:

• If you need to cancel or reschedule your session with at least 24 hours' notice, you may use your deposit for a future session within 6 months.

• If you cancel within 24 hours of your scheduled session, I will keep the deposit as a consideration for my time.

• If you don't show without prior notice, you're expected to pay the full session fee.

• In a rare case I have to cancel I make a refund within 24 hours.

This policy helps me manage my schedule effectively. Thank you for your understanding.


How can I prepare for our session?
  • Let me know your expectations, boundaries, and wishes.
  • It's better to pick a time with no immediate obligations or distractions afterward so you could rest.
  • Prepare towels that we will put on bed to avoid oil stains; otherwise, I’ll bring what we need.
  • Warm the room.
  • Decide if you’d like to shower before or at the start of our session.
  • Take time to relax and clear your mind.
What is included in Tantra Massage and do you offer more?

Tantra Massage is a gentle, slow, and sensual massage that may incorporate practices like breathwork and eye gazing. In a safe and respectful setting, it can involve body contact and mutual touch, but it doesn’t include kissing, oral sex, or intercourse. Additionally, I also offer social time, yoga, classical massage, and breathwork. You can find more details about my offerings here.

What is the difference between Tantra and Erotic Massage?

Tantra Massage and Erotic Massage are two distinct types of sensual bodywork. Tantra Massage focuses on both physical pleasure and spiritual connection, often involving slow, mindful touch and practices like meditation. On the other hand, Erotic Massage mainly aims to provide physical pleasure and arousal through sensual touch and, at times, explicit or sexual content.

Do you look like your photos?

Many people who meet me in person say I look even better than my photos. I think there’s something about me that a camera can’t quite capture. My photos are all natural; I only hide a few of my small tattoos and blur my face. If you’d like to see more pictures of me, please check out my OnlyFans or Twitter.

What should I do if I haven’t heard back from you?

If you’ve submitted the contact form but haven’t received a reply, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you’ve provided complete information and maintained a respectful tone in your inquiry.
  2. After submitting the form, you should be redirected to the beginning of this page with a confirmation text. If this hasn’t happened, try filling out the form again. Additionally, check your spam folder for the confirmation email and ensure your email address was written correctly.
  3. If three days have passed, and you are certain that you filled out the form correctly and received the confirmation email, please contact me at hello@sophiedevi.com.
What measures are taken to ensure privacy?

I highly prioritize privacy and discretion. At your request, I can delete our online conversations, along with any data you’ve shared with me. Similar to a therapist, I maintain confidentiality regarding everything that happens during our sessions, and I won’t share your private information with anyone. I expect the same level of discretion from you. If you happen to see me outside of our sessions, I kindly request that you do not approach me. While a shared smile or saying hello is fine, it’s better to save any conversations for our designated time. If you have any concerns or would like to discuss specific privacy measures, feel free to talk to me.

What should I do after our session?

After a Tantra Massage, it’s good to take some time for relaxation and reflection. Lie down, reflect on sensations, thoughts and emotions that arose during the massage, and let the energy sink in. Stay hydrated with water, take a warm shower or bath, and have a healthy meal to ground yourself. Remember, each experience is deeply personal, so do what feels right for you. If you have questions or want to share your experience, feel free to reach out.

How can I show my appreciation?

You can express your gratitude with words; it always warms my heart to know that my work has made a positive impact. You’re welcome to book me again and leaving a tip is also a thoughtful gesture. You can do so through PayPal (@xosophieberlin) or via my Prezz. If you would like to give me a gift, you can find more information in the Gifts section. Additionally, I greatly value constructive feedback.

Would you like to meet outside of our session?

Although I feel flattened by your interest, I have to politely decline as I would like to maintain professional boundaries. A part of my offer is social time which you can book as well. Please understand that although we might have a genuine connection, you have still contacted me as a professional and I expect my time to be compensated. Thank you for respecting my boundaries and understanding my perspective.

Can I get a discount?

I am sorry if my offering is out of your budget, my rates are simply what I feel that my expertise, energy and time is worth. Feel free to find a different provider with more suitable options for you. If you would like to see me regularly, we can discuss an arrangement once we get to know each other better. Thank you for understanding.


Gifts are never expected but the gesture of it always makes me happy. Feel free to surprise me or if you would like to get some inspiration, you can have a look on my Prezz or Amazon Wishlist. Additionally, here’s a few more tips:


lilies ⭐︎ peonies ⭐︎ house plants


Le Labo ⭐︎ Aesop ⭐︎ doTerra


Vabali Spa ⭐︎ lululemon ⭐︎ Sephora


gentle, in gold


Agent Provocateur (bra 36B, suspender 3, thong 3)

Honey Bridette (bra 75B, suspender S, thong S)

Fleur du Mal (bra 75B, suspender 2, thong 2)

Berlin Tips

If you're seeking inspiration for your Berlin visit, here are some of my favorite places:


Gorki Apartments ⭐︎ The Circus Apartments ⭐︎ Michelberger Hotel ⭐︎ Provocateur Hotel ⭐︎ The Mandala Hotel ⭐︎ Sir Savigny Hotel

Restaurants, Bars & Cafes

KINK bar & restaurant ⭐︎ Coccodrillo restaurant ⭐︎ Chen Che restaurant ⭐︎ FACIL restaurant ⭐︎ Katz Orange restaurant ⭐︎ Bonanza Coffee ⭐︎ Soi & Co Cafe


Vabali Spa ⭐︎ Gropius Bau Gallery ⭐︎ Tiergarten Park ⭐︎ Park Sanssouci in Potsdam

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